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Zwicker is an exhibition by New Draft Collective for the Maritime Foundation. Shaped  by the story of the schooner F/V Sherman Zwicker, the show links historical artifacts, archival photographs, and contemporary installations that speak to the history of the vessel and its place in maritime culture. A majority of the show occupies the interiors of the original fish hold below deck. Once used for the storing and salting of codfish, this cavernous timber framed space creates a dynamic  dialogue between the past and the present life of the boat.



For example, “Codfish” one of the installations, is a back-lit bay filled completely with salt, while another installation features a projected series of archival photographs of past crewmen and fisherman. Outside of the bays, the exhibition creates an atmospheric experience of the operational era of  the Sherman Zwicker through the display of antique books, charts, and artifacts. Also included are photographs from the archive of the Penobscot Marine Museum and historical texts.


The exhibit will run through October 2014 on F/V Sherman Zwicker docked at Pier 25 on the Hudson River. Location and opening hours can be found here Grand Banks.




We want to thank the Maritime Foundation for commissioning 

New Draft Collective to create this exhibition. 

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