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Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity 




Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity was held on December 17, 2011 at the International Center of Photography. The aim of the symposium was to bring together a group of writers, visual artists and curators who were investigating the role and use of the written word in their respective artistic practices.​


The conversations embarked on a contemporary dialogue about the decentering of linguistics within artistic practices, focusing specifically on the development of narrative writing as a convergence and/or partnership. The featured speakers included Carlos Motta, Andrea Geyer, Moyra Davey, Zoe Leonard, Anne Turyn, Ethan Swan and Lynne Tillman. 



Books published as a result of the event: 

Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity 

Transcripts and afterthoughts 

MOLD: Pedestal

3 writers and 3 artists 

respond to one word

The Day's Conversations:


  • Ethan Swan and Anne Turyn

  • Carlos Motta and Andrea Geyer

  • Moyra Davey and Zoe Leonard

  • Lynne Tillman


We want to thank all the participants, The International Center of Photography for sponsoring the event as well as the publishing of the book, and Helga Christoffersen and Maria Montero Sierra, our fellow collaborators at CCS Bard.


3 writers and 3 artists 

respond to one word

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