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A collaborative work by artists Michi Jigarjian and Libby Pratt


Re-Current lies somewhere between performance, installation, symposium and recreational event.  On October 5, 2013, Jigarjian and Pratt hosted the main event aboard the Shearwater Schooner. During the four hour sail around the New York Harbor, a group of writers, artists, curators and urban planners engaged with the ever-changing sociopolitical and physical landscape of Lower Manhattan and Governors Island. 


Following the chartered navigational course of the Shearwater, the events’ conversations and performances were guided by the shoreline’s landscape.


New Draft’s multi-tiered event focused on the fluidity of the ever-changing landscape of New York City’s waterfronts and how it manifests in the contemporary art world.

The Day's Schedule:


2:30 - 4:00  pm


Intro: New Draft Collective | Michi Jigarjian & Libby Pratt


Dedication: Libby Pratt 


Reading: Matthew Burgess 


Audio Piece: Louise Lawler's Birdcalls


David Deitcher: On  Gordon Matta Clark's Day's End 


Valerie Hegarty: On her High Line Commissioned piece Autumn on the Hudson Valley with Branches, 2009


Alan Brake and Liz McEnaney: The History of the Hudson River's ecology and urban planning on Governors Island


Nina Katchadourian: Performance of a Sea Shanty Round



Alan Brake • Allen Frame • Becca Albee • Craig Mod

Cynthia Bittenfield • David Deitcher • Eavan Cleary •

Fryd Frydendahl • Hannah Whitaker • Howie Chen • Jason Simon • Jonathan Taylor • Jorge Perez • Josiah McElhenny • Kylie White • Laurel Braitman • Libby Pratt • Liz Brown• Liz McEnaney • Liz White • Lorena Marrón • Lynne Tillman • María Lebedev • Marina Berio • Mary Lum • Matt Burgess • Matthew Porter • Max Stolkin • Melissa Levin • Michael Famighetti • Michi Jigarjian • Mika Tajima • Moyra Davey • Nica Ross • Nina Katchadourian• Rafael Lemus • Raul Diaz Reyes • Savannah Knoop • Shiori Kawasaki• Stephen Schuster • Teresa LoJacono • Valerie Hegarty • Victor Sira • Will Penrose • William Raff

We want to thank all the participants as well as LMCC for the opportunity to create and host this project through our Swing Space Residency.

Video by Lorena Marrón

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